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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  June 12, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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donald trump will be here tomorrow and i hope hillary clinton will accept our invitation to come on the program and talk about this very vital issue for all americans. thanks again for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly and we will see you again tomorrow at 8:00 on "the factor." breaking tonight, new details on the gunman coming in to "the kelly file" as the nation acts with horror and concern following the worst terror attack on the homeland since 9/11 and the deadliest mass shooting in american history. welcome to the kelly file. i'm megyn kelly. there are many questions leading up to the shooting in orlando, florida. it killed or injured 100 people simply trying to have a good time. it started after 2:00 a.m. local time. 300 people were inside of the pulse nightclub when a 29-year-old terrorist named omar
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mateen opened fire. he exchanged shots with an officer at the club and wound up taking hostages. minutes after the first shots rang out, the nightclub posting a chilling warning on its facebook page, everyone get out of pulse and keep running. what followed over the next three hours can only be described as a nightmare come true. while police descended on the club, frightened hostages hid, hoping, praying they would survive. some sending messages to loved ones. it would take roughly three hours for a s.w.a.t. team to move in and rescue them. as they did, bullets started to fly all over again. >> oh, my god. people are getting shot, dude. >> get out of here, man. >> oh, my god, dude. >> firing off shots. >> oh, my god they are shooting
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back and forth. look at that, they are shooting back and forth. look at this. [ gun fire ] >> nearly 50 minutes later it was finally over. the gunman was dead, but inside what police found is almost too horrible to describe. 50 people had died, another 53 injured. many of them critically. they were carried from the scene. those who were lucky enough to escape could not believe what they had just witnessed. >> i heard bang bang bang, i thought it was part of the song and you turn around and the person next to you is screaming, blood splattering. i didn't know if it was mine or somebody else's. the person i was with was shot many the back. i took my bandanna off and tied it over the bullet hole. he was bleeding to bad his pant leg was red. it was soaked. my hands were just covered.
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>> started shooting, shooting, shooting and that's when we knew something was wrong. everyone dropped to the ground. >> it sounded like it was part of the show. there is an event going on and we were having a good time but once people started screaming and shots keep ringing out you know that it's not a show anymore. you have to do what you have to do. >> reporter: as day began to break, authorities would quickly classify the shooting as an act of domestic terrorism. we would later learn the terrorists had placed a 911 call from the club. during that call he declared allegiance to the leader of isis. we will have more on that and his alleged terror ties in just a bit. some 12 hours after the first shots rang out, president obama would address the nation. >> today, as americans, we grieve the brutal murder, horrific massacre of dozens of innocent people. this is an open investigation.
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we have reached no definitive judgment on the precise motivations of the killer. the fbi is appropriately investigating this as an act of terrorism. this is a sobering reminder that attacks on any american, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation, is an attack on all of us. >> the president calling it an act of terror but not going so far as to label it radical islamic terror. authorities are working to identify the victims and to try to piece together how this evil, sick terrorist managed to go undetected and carry out such an attack. our own steve harrigan reports tonight from orlando. steve? >> reporter: there are police officers and security and a lot of media and a third group who are easy to identify, have been from a distance. those are people whose relatives were shot and killed or are
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still missing. you can recognize them by how they walk. they seem devastated. if they are not openly sobbing, supporting and hugging each other they seem to stumble one step in front of the other. we have a different man here, a member of a third group. his son angel cologne, 26 years old, was shot by the killer three times in that nightclub, yet he's still alive. speaking to angel cologne senior, we asked is heagery about what happened and here's his answer. mr. cologne? >> i'm not angry about what happened. it's why did it happen, but then again we have to know these things are going to happen, no matter what in these kind of places. >> prayer is helping you get through this, is that correct? >> yes, it is. it is -- i have been telling everybody, it's like last night i was thinking of my son and
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then i had to wake up early in the morning, just to pray. make a prayer and everything. i say we have a big god that looks over our own family. >> your son was shot three times. he's been through surgery. you have been in there and seen him. how's he doing? >> he's doing very good. i give my thanks to god for that. >> you are thinking of the shooter, as well. you are saying not to blame, not to be angry for the people that carry out terrorist, evil activities like this. that's your attitude? >> yes. we all have to get together, fight this kind of crime that's happening all around us. joining us together -- thank you, angel. his son shot three times. he survives. he thanks god. he says prayer is helping his family get through this and he said he doesn't have any anger or blame toward the shooter. >> remarkable. steve, thank you.
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isis was quick to claim responsibility for today's attack. while we have learned the shooter may have pledged allegiance to al baghdadi. his own father may have harbored some sympathies with the taliban, as well. fox news chief intelligence correspondent is live in our d.c. bureau with more. >> the official isis news kfs sent out a breaking news tweet the shooter was an isis fighter. the terror group did not identify omar mateen. the fbi confirmed the 29-year-old called 911 and claimed allegiance to al baghdadi. and evidence of his support for terrorism he gave a shoutout to
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the tsarnaev brothers that used bombs to kill and injure people at the boston marathon. >> this one has all of the hallmarks of some type of direction from a terrorist organization. the reality is that only through this investigation will we find the digital footprint that we need to make the connection to a specific isil member or to a specific cell. i'm confident that in the next 42 to 72 hours we'll discover that. >> there's new video tonight of federal agents searching the home and car mateen's father in port st. lucie, florida. earlier a law enforcement source said they had so far found no derogatory information about the father. this is standard practice, part of the investigation to build up the captain's network of contacts.
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mateen was questioned by the fbi in 2013 after he made inflammatory comments that alarmed co-workers. interviewed twice, the claims were not substantiated an the matter was closed. again in 2014, he was interviewed because of his contact with another florida man who went on to become a suicide bomber for al-qaeda in syria that year. the fbi concluded the contact was minimal and no further action was taken. the ka chairman of the house homeland security committee who's been briefed on the investigation said the threat level was high heading in the month of ramadan. >> this is an event we have been worried about for quite sometime. honestly we felt this would happen in europe and particularly france during the euro cup. we were hopeful it would not happen in the united states and unfortunately it happened. >> reporter: counterterrorism source told fox news tonight that social media associated with isis has spiked, a spike in the chatter since orlando on a
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scale they have never seen before and at the very least, isis is capitalizing on these murders. >> thank you. one of the gunman's co-workers will be with us in moments right here in a kelly file exclusive. but first we are joined by an eyewitness and survivor of the attack who stayed on the scene after the escape from the nightclub. luis, thank you for being with us tonight. what was the first indication you had last night at the club that there was danger? >> um, a lot of the deejays don't really play songs. they sample different types of music or, you know, horns or bullet shoots inside. so when we were listening to the song around 2:00, we were cashing out our tabs and we hear what we thought was part of the set of the deejay, which was bop, bop, bop, bop, but everyone looked around and realized it
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wasn't really enhanced by the music. it was different. past the fourth or fifth round that's when we realized something was going on. at that point i turned to my right, in the direction where it was coming from and i see a domino effect of people going down, down just ducking, ducking, ducking down. go ahead. >> did you see anyone injured inside of the club? did you think anyone had been hurt? >> the club itself has several parts to it. you walk in, to the left there's a smaller room with a long bar, not as big as the main floor and then the back patio. the room i was in, i was furthest in. it was slightly darker because that's just the ambience of the room. i didn't see anything at that point in time because the pace that it all happened at was so rapid and was -- it was incredibly in the blink of an eye fast.
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i just remember hearing the four shots, hearing the fifth and sixth realizing i think something is going on. ducking down. grabbed my best friend. we ducked down. at that point we had to slide -- there was a break in the shots about ten seconds after a good 10 to 20 rounds at that point and we had a moment where we looked at the exit door, side exit door for employees and we just booked, slid in. we didn't realize afterwards and we looked back at our clothes. there must have been something going on because i had blood all over my clothes. >> when you got out of the nightclub you saw a man lying on the ground. tell us what happened? >> yeah. he -- we had first pushed our way through the door and it was a small alleyway in regards to a lot of people trying to get out and a lot of traffic. me and this tall gentleman had the idea to close the door shut and push against and make sure
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it was coming this way because the bullets were getting louder. it was closer. we tried to give as much space and time for everyone to get out. when i ran out and dodged through a big hole in a fence, a gentleman collapsed right in front of the club. at this point we were hearing what was going on but my focus was dragging him and unbeknownst to me his left forearm was split in two and then he had a gash on his hip. i dragged him up a hill, found an officer. took off his shirt, used it as a tourniquet for his arm and we comforted him and said you are going to be fine. he was controlled. he was calm but he was saying he was losing a lot of blood and i was trying to distract him, where is he from, what does he do and small talk like that and another gentleman was screaming on the phone he had a relative
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inside. he didn't realize he had a bullet sticking out of his leg, his inner thigh and it was about this bigging, the size of his finger when i told him that i took off my other shirt and put that tourniquet on him and the ambulance took them both away and at this point the cops said go as fast as you can. >> you saw the man, you saw the bullet sticking halfway out of his leg. >> yes. >> and he is walking around like he doesn't know it has happened. >> the gentleman i was talking to, he didn't even scream, he had no clue. he knew something was wrong obviously, the shock factor. it was the shock factor. we don't remember screaming inside the club. it is just mouths drop, he had no clue. he was bleeding from his jeans. i said you have a bullet sticking out of you and that's when it hit him. he fell but his main concern was
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his family member. >> a question, you were holding the doors shut so the shooter couldn't get out, was there any concern you might be keeping people fleeing the shooter? >> no, yeah. yeah. that was on my mind. there was banging and pushing the door. that was on my mind, but at that point in time i tried to do what i thought would be best at that moment because it was getting louder and closer and there were a good 20 people trying to exit out of a small closet looking door to the parking lot and i pray that it was nobody trying to escape and if they did, if they hid, got stuck, i don't know. you don't know what to do until it happens and i thought i was doing the right thing. >> you were worried about getting trampled in other words, so many people were coming in the corridor. >> no, i didn't care about
6:16 pm
getting trampled, i wanted everyone to get out. my goal was making sure my best friend and these people had space because panic and chaos was not allowing everyone to get through that. so i pulled on that door, only ten, 15 seconds it seemed like, i felt that was enough time and made made their way through and there was a gaping hole in the fence and people busted through and figured out another route. >> did you have any emt training with the turn cuts and shirts, or instinctive and you knew. >> my mother worked in the medical field and told me what to do in situations like that. i'm far from anything -- i'm far from a hero and someone said that, and you had said that earlier with me on the phone and please don't say that. i'm not. i'm far from that. i don't feel like a hero. i don't feel like even a survivor. i just feel like a person who had to do what they had to do at that moment in time. there's more people that need to be focused on, more people that
6:17 pm
needed to shine the light on and praised and given credit for and blessed and all of the prayers in the world. i didn't do anything, you know. >> we are glad you are safe and i'm sure the two gentlemen you helped are very glad as well. thank you for being here tonight. >> thank you. new information about omar mateen, the shooter, the terrorist. some of which comes from a co-worker who once worked with the orlando gunman. dan gilroy describes him as unhinged, unstable and no stranger to racially biased comments. he is joining me by phone. thank you for joining us. so you are an excop and you knew mateen how? where did you work together? >> we worked together for g4s security at the pga village. >> what kind of security were you guys doing? >> basically gate security, a gated community. >> okay. and what did he say to you and what did he do to you that made
6:18 pm
you realize he was a problem? >> it was constant. it was not one specific item. i knew him for a whole year. there was never a moment where he didn't have anger and rage. he was always loud and cursing and anytime you are a female or a black person would come by he would use horrible words. >> without repeating those words, i'm sure we can all guess what you are referring to, can you give us specific examples of what he would say? >> i know one black gentleman came through and he just basically was a nice gentleman and omar said that guy thinks he's better than me. he's not better than me. he said i would like to kill all of those ns. >> was there anything that had to do with islam that alarmed you? >> no. he never went in to any kind of
6:19 pm
religion or my christianity. he did worship quite heavily. he brought a prayer mat and spread it out and prayed several times a day and chanted. he was pretty devout muslim. >> anything about gaze? >> -- gays. >> a few times he mentioned homosexuals and jewish people but we didn't deal with them often. mostly women and black because those were the people in fropt of us. >> did you know he came under investigation by the fbi? >> yes. he talked about it one time. he said somebody made a false complaint and one of the residents didn't like the fact he was muslim and was overly zealous and called but it was all cleared up. >> did you leave the company because of him? >> yes, i did. >> he was that bad? >> that and the company wouldn't remove me from this position. it was toxic. it was -- he started for the
6:20 pm
lack of a better word harassing and stalking me and my family started to be scared and i quit the job. >> dan, much more to discuss with you and i hope to do that tomorrow night with you in orlando. thank you for joining us with the breaking news tonight. >> thank you. >> we have much more after the break. so actually we have new details on what they are saying about this gunman and the mosque he attended and colonel tony shafer has a report on why the feds should have seen this coming. as i mentioned, king is here to update on where this stands in moments. >> the fbi first became aware of mateen in 2013 when he made excellents to co-workers alleging possible terrorist ties. [dad] can i enter the kingdom of the two fairies? [daughter] you have to say the password. [dad] is it...giggling goldfish?
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we're learning new details about the gunman from the folks at the mosque where the terrorist worshipped regularly for more than ten years. the leader of the mosque is speaking out, revealing the killer was there 48 hours before the massacre inside of a crowded orlando nightclub. trace gallagher in our orlando newsroom. >> a friend of omar mateen's who didn't want to be identified said mateen became more religious in recreant years and made the pilgrimage to mecca. and it was confirmed he attended the mosque on the regular basis as recently as two days ago. the imam would say that his sisters were active volunteers. the imam said she mosque would never speak out against 0 homosexuality but extremism
6:25 pm
saying they have hijacked our religion. he went on to say that mateen never showed any indication he would do something violent but the imam's son felt dimpley saying he worked out a lot and seemed like an aggressive person. the son also said the news of mateen's involvement came as a shock. he said "when these things happen, the first thing you do is hope it is not a muslim who did it and then when i saw his name i thought it was maybe someone else with the same name and then i saw he was from fort pierce. >> as muslim and americans now is the time to speak out and make it clear we will not give in to hate and we will not give in to fear. you do not speak for us. you do not represent us. you are an aberration. you are an outlaw.
6:26 pm
>> and the mosque where the shooter attended increased security to reassure followers that they are safe. >> thank you. joining us lieutenant colonel tony shafer, retired cia intelligence operative. and congressman peter king, a member of the homeland security committee. good to see you both. congressman, let me start with you. your reaction today to what we have seen and what, if anything, we're going to do about it. >> obviously it was horrible. the one question i have, is the fact that the fbi did carry out an investigation two, three years ago and they closed the investigation. this is similar to what happened in boston when they investigated the tsarnaev brother, the older brother, and closed out that investigation. my question is did the fbi notify the local police that this investigation had been carried out. the fbi does not have the personnel to carry out the local intensive investigation police
6:27 pm
can. boston police were not informed about the tsarnaev investigation so i'm wondering if they had all of the information. >> that's a good question. the intelligence actually seemed to have worked to some extent here in that they -- he got on the radar twice but what happened after that, we need to look in to. >> peter, congressman is completely correct. let's remember, we have nine casualties from this, nine officers fell over this because of something not working. the fbi's local program to exchange information has been defunded. that's one of the plaus in the program and yes, the fbi went and checked but let's be real here, we didn't understand or recognize what happened in europe sufficiently to understand you need to look at patterns. the pattern was apparent here. the individual met certain reasons to be interviewed. because of political correctness they were told to back off, nothing to see here.
6:28 pm
we are seeing a dumbing down of the fbi process by policy. this was a policy failure. all of the indicators of something being there. he was linked to other people who became bombers. i believe, based on my intelligence contacts, isis is here. they somehow were able to work to get him radicalized and this is what they are looking for, individuals like him that will do the things like what happened in europe. we have to be vigilant. the clues are there and we are missing them. >> isis thriving overseas, everyone says, is an inspiration to terrorists that happen to be here domestically. it is an inspiration. they thrive on it in the words of david french. >> that's right. the president by having a half-hearted attempt of saying what we will not do, not going to do this and that, saying when troops will be pulled out, that gives a sign of weakness and emboldens isis. it causes our allies to lose faith and encourages people over
6:29 pm
here and around the world, isis supporters that these guys are the wave of the future, they are more powerful than they really are and it will be reality. >> colonel, your thoughts. >> peter is correct. i talked to senior members of the pentagon. they are doing the best they can with the policy they have. the plan is not global. president clinton was more focused on defeat al-qaeda before 9/11 than president obama is on defeating isis. that's how bad things are. this is coming from the top. we don't have a global plan or a national security council working to defeat isis. we are doing things here and there, poking the bear. we have to get serious and recognize that isis is -- they have pledged they would do attacks during ramadan and are doing attacks during ramadan. we have to accept their threats for what they are and clearly they have the mechanism, intent and the volunteers come forward. they are very much inspired by this. their twitter handles are going
6:30 pm
crazy and we have to take it for what it is. >> ramadan ends july 5th and we have to worry about the july 4th holiday here. new reports just breaking about the gunman and a radical imam and you will hear from some of the folks who tried to make this attack about a different issue, besides terrorism. and ambassador john bolton is joining us to discuss what the president did not say about today's attacks. >> this is clerly an act of terrorism. it's sickening. it should make every american angry. because the ultimate expression of power, is control. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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breaking news on the orlando terror gunman as fox quotes law enforcement sources saying the man that killed 50 and injured more than 50 others was a follower of a bank robbing islamic cleric. we have not confirmed this independently so far but the kelly file is heading to orlando tomorrow where we will broadcast
6:34 pm
live tomorrow night. donald trump put out a statement saying with have to get tougher and pointing out in his remarks today, president obama, this is trump speaking, disgracefully refused to say the words radical islam. for that he should step down. if hillary clinton cannot say the two words after this attack she should get out of the race for the presidency. joining me under president george w. bush, ambassador good to see you. the president did not say radical islamic terrorism, they both said terrorism but couldn't radical islam. what say you? >> it's not a question of magic words but what lies behind this attack and so many others we have seen. it is a political ideology, a radical view of islam that test the american way of life and enacted against it time and again. if you don't understand the nature of the ideology. if you can't rally people behind opposing it, you can't win the war.
6:35 pm
you can't do the job effectively. i don't think the president believes there's a war with terrorism. >> you say they are looking at it all wrong. this isn't like the soviet spies that needed to be infiltrated and snuffed out, they are approaching the group wrong. >> it's like we are looking at something 50 years ago that there are terrorist cells we should infiltrate and there are agents running these terrorists and they have communications networks through dead drops and brush passes, it's like i led three lives at the fbi, that's not the way it worked. the terrorists have shown a mastery over the communication to persuade, radicalize people, mobilize them, direct them. so the concept of lone wolf terrorism, which is one of the president's favorite, the idea there's something separate from worldwide terrorism. i think impairs our ability to deal with this phenomenon. it is an irregular form of warfare but it is warfare.
6:36 pm
>> lastly we have to get them overseas. it really matters we are not defeating and destroying isis as he promised we would. >> it is not a few events here or there. this is part of a larger ideological movement. >> good to see you. >> thank you. i want to go to amir azar a writer and professor on issues impacting muslim and americans. we begin with emir. thank you for being here. >> thanks. >> you have heard the debate that it does matter. it matters to label these terrorists for what they are. radical islamic terrorist or islamists, would you accept those terms? >> i think words do matter.
6:37 pm
for those of us in the arab american and muslim american community when you append the word muslim to this you are marginalizing the 99% of us in the community who abhor and condemn these things. this is not about a religion condoning those things. it is hard for us in the community that see these guys as radicals and crazies to see other people say they are crazy because they are muslim. they are not crazy because they are muslims. >> people that follow sharia law believe that gays should be killed. >> one of the most popular sunni and shiite imams are out saying yes, sodomy deserves death. >> if islam is what its followers do you have 1.7 billion people in the world, 99% of which are not doing what isis is doing and they are not killing and massacring gay people.
6:38 pm
>> why doesn't radical islamic terrorism do it for you. doesn't it rae move you from the peace loving muslims here. >> we shouldn't define muslims whether they are radical or peace loving. these guys are radical, crazy people. they happen to be muslim. >> it has nothing to do with their religion, nothing to do with your religion. >> if you are crazy you find a crazy way to interpret your religion. that's true in any religion. >> thank you. >> we got word moments ago that mr. trump is cancelling a planned political rally tomorrow. he was going to do a speech on hrk hillary clinton but in new hampshire he will address the events in orlando. i want you to respond to what we heard from emir. they happen to be crazy people who do these bad things. it doesn't have to do with religion. >> look, we have to be careful, that's true. we have to select the words we are using but those words have
6:39 pm
to be correct. it is not about political correctness but academic correctness. using these terms that actually indicates that there is an ideology, movement is not a debate here in america. it is worldwide accepted, more important than that, in the arab world, what do you think they use this terms of words, i met with the grand imam of cairo, the equivalent of the sunni pope. he called them islamist, jihadist. i'm not sure why there is a push back in the united states. >> the thinks this is a combination of peace loving muslims and their religion of islam. it is not true -- sharia law, there is a lock piece up talking about how sharia law and you can see the quotes for yourself if you go there, mandates the
6:40 pm
murder, not just death penalty but murder of gay people. >> there's a discussion which is theological, intellectual about religions an theology where you find this verse and the other verse. that is legitimate. when we talk about national security there's a movement that is maybe borrowing text from religion that is not the issue but applying it. we have to accept the idea that there are jihadists and islamists and some do not accept that notion. >> i think people are capable of holding bothedies. with have one group that wants to kill us and peace-loving muslims that are like we are and worried about getting themselves killed. we have seen them kill muslims as well. the president says we are playing in to their narrative if we go with that terminology. we will look forward to hearing from mr. trump tomorrow. good to see you. breaking this hour, we got new remarks from the gunman's father. we hope to have those shortly.
6:41 pm
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has a heavy heart. new york city has a silent tribute to the victims in orlando at the empire state building. the usually illuminated iconic building is dark in a show of sympathy for the victims. it didn't take long for the political theirtive of this mass shooting to pivot to a debate over gun control. with a number of political voices offen the left calling for increased regulations. >> when we talk about safety, we have to talk about how guns come in to the hands of violent and unstable people. how is it that assault weapons, that are used in military operations, get in to the hands of a single individual? >> whatever happened in this awful incident, we have to get tougher on guns. we cannot have incident after incident after incident. in this country, it's so easy for so many people to get these kinds of assault-like weapons whose only purchase purpose is to shoot a lot of people.
6:46 pm
>> i believe in this country we should not sell automatic weapons, which are designed to kill people. we have to do everything that we can to make sure that guns do not fall in to the hands of people who shouldn't have them. >> reporter: president obama echoed that sentiment in a press conference earlier today. >> the shooter was apparently armed with a handgun and a powerful assault rifle. this massacre is therefore a further reminder of how easy it is for someone to get their hands on a weapon that lets them shoot people in a school or in a house of worship or a movie theater or in a nightclub. we have to decide if that's the kind of country we want to be. >> joining me is the host of the filter
6:47 pm
filt filter. we always want to figure it out so we can take control of it and we never figure it out and never take control of it and there is a question of whether we ever can. lars, i will start with you. >> my favorite gun rights group is the pink pos tolls and they advocate for people to defend themselves. if one or two people in there had been capable of protecting themselves. florida has good gun laws them first thing the president does is come out and say i want to disarm americans. he wants to make the laws tougher. they are already as tough as they get and americans -- >> before how did a guy, who had been visited by the fbi, known isis sympathizer, how did he get a license to purchase a gun or to carry a firearm? and not only that to work for a security firm that has major contacts with u.s. government facilities?
6:48 pm
how? >> i'll tell you how. he hadn't been convicted of a crime. he had a clean criminal record. your friend and my friend, james rosen has been visited by the fbi, too. but i wouldn't take away his second amendment rights because the police or fbi has talked to him. if we say everyone who has talked to the fbi. >> rosen was not investigated for terrorism to clear his good name. but still, notwithstanding the fact that perhaps this particular man should not have gotten guns, do you know what the response is, which is the terrorists, they will find ways to kill us whether or not the guns. >> that's always the response. reality is this has been proposed by the right and left. representative pete king, who was on earlier today, proposed after 9/11 we close out the terrorist loophole. it is a loop pole that exists. it is why 2,000 people on the terrorist watch list by the fbi have been able to get guns.
6:49 pm
>> that's the no-fly list that you can get put on inadvertently. >> it is good to have those measures and to be able to double check this stuff. further more, 79% of americans, nra members, gun holders belief we should close the loophole and pete king himself, the representative himself said as a republican that the nra is the one group that stood in the way of this. >> what about that, lars? we are always figuring out the balance between security and our rights. what if we said, you get put on a terrorist watch list, you get investigated by the fbi twice and have suspected ties to isis you have to jump through a few more hoops. >> no, here's the problem. you are the lawyer. think of this. you can be put on the terrorist watch list, the no-fly list with no opportunity for appeal, which is guaranteed by the constitution and you can't get
6:50 pm
off of it. there are members of congress on that list. so you are really going to sit there as a person -- >> bring those people in for the terrorists. >> no, it's not a matter of th. you can be put on the list, you have no right of appeal. you may not even know you're on the list. >> when you apply for your gun and say you can't and go for a due process -- >> megyn, there is no due process with the no-fly list. talk to the members of congress that have been put on it and find out there's no way to get off. >> okay. then that's that and allow people like this guy to go through the system and get guns. it's not the fault of the gun but this guy, lawrence, you think he should have had access to guns? >> no. in hindsight, of course not. if you're going to tighten it up that much, you're effectively saying any american is going to have their gun rights taken away. . >> 20 seconds for your response. >> we have to compromise on one
6:51 pm
thing. florida has one of the loosest gun laws in the nation. 91% of americans want to close out these loopholes. come on. up next after the break, the gunman's father just spoke to reporters. i'm getting dark chocolate and a hint of butterscotch. how about you? i taste - whaaaaaaaaaow. wha wha na na na na na na da ba da ba da ba daw! it's good. defianour citracal bones. easily absorbed calcium plus vitamin d. defy bone aging with citracal maximum. our highest level of calcium plus d.
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and if you are alive today, i would ask him one question as a parent, why did you do this? why? and i know it is not a religion issue in this matter and for sure because i always watching and maybe a person observation and some way, shape or form.
6:55 pm
>> he knows it was not a religious issue. that was the father suggesting that religion had nothing to do with this. we are also hearing from the shooter's ex-wife. apparently they have a 3-year-old son as well. trace gallagher has that as well. trace? >> megyn, omar mateen's ex-wife says she had to be rescued from her family. she met mateen online eight years ago and was having a difficult time so she decided to move to florida to marry him. they lived in a condo in ft. pierce owned by his family. he owned a handgun and worked for a juvenile detention center. at first she says he seemed normal. >> in the beginning, he was a normal being, loved family, let's have fun but then he showed his instability and he was getting mad out of nowhere
6:56 pm
that's when i started worrying about my safety and then after a few months he started abusing me physically. very often and not allowing me to speak to my family, keeping me hostage from them. and i tried to see the good in him even then but my family decided to visit me and rescue me out of that situation. >> after she left, she says she -- mateen tried to reach out to her but she never had contact with him again. she claims he wasn't very religious and gave no signs of having fallen under the sway of radical islam. the ex-wife says she's still processing the shooting but considers herself very lucky. a friend of mateen says after they split, he became steadily more religious. megyn? >> what a story. trace, thank you. we'll be right
6:57 pm
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in orlando today. the terrorists are still out there and this country is still free. but we mourn and we remember. thanks for watching. i'm megyn kelly. orlando to command, we have shots fired on scene. is requesting you to stay back. don't go in. >> all personnel, back to your base. you're not in a position of cover. this is a fox news alert. i'm geraldo rivera reporting. it was a slaughter house. the pulse was filled with partygoers when the gunfire started at 2:00 this morning. special hatred


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